My 2022 End-of-the-Year Review

Margareth Egbuchulam
3 min readDec 22, 2022


This year has been a great learning curve for me. My path to achieving the success I craved albeit crooked offered me the gift of self-discovery and a community of amazing individuals.

This year, I achieved the following;

  • In February, I organized my first event for the Catholic Youth Organization in my parish on a zero budget. I was able to leverage my network and their support was pivotal to the success of the event. I was able to remit over 70,000 Naira to the organization’s account.
  • In March, I was the event manager for Open Source Festival. This event is one of the biggest tech festivals in Africa and it drew in over 800 attendees from both within and outside Africa to Lagos Nigeria. The event spanned over 3 days and was a huge success.
  • In August, I got accepted into the first cohort of the Talkbase Ambassador’s program. I had the opportunity to learn community operations, community management, and event planning from an amazing team and generous mentors. I also started managing the SG Writers Haven Community.
  • In September, I volunteered virtually for the CMX Summit as a chat moderator. It was an amazing experience and I was privileged to connect with many community managers across the globe.
  • In October, I attended my first community as a speaker. I moderated a panel discussion that extensively discussed building and scaling communities.
  • In November, I concluded my Ambassador’s program and created an event checklist for recurring community events. I did this in collaboration with the amazing Kristen Meren and with this checklist, we created a plan for 5 community tours. 2 of the 5 tours have happened this year.
  • In December, I and my team members organized a biannual dinner for the Catholic Youth Organization in my parish. I headed the fundraising committee and we had a goal to raise enough funds to complete the Youth empowerment center in our parish. At that same dinner, I won the Brilliant Groundbreaker Award for the year.

I am proud of myself for achieving these despite the setbacks I had.

My goal for next year is to land a remote community manager role in a great organization. If you’re looking to hire a community manager at the start of the year, I am open to having a conversation with you.

I look forward to making giant strides in 2023.

Happy holidays!



Margareth Egbuchulam

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